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Blake F. Richetta
Michelle M. Mapel
Vice President
Adam Gentner
Director of Operations
Eric Fischgrund
Director of Communications
James Claflin
Director of Finance
About Us

Founded in 2017, the del Sol Foundation for Energy Security began as a humanitarian effort to help the citizens of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Today we are actively installing solar micro-grids to help provide reliable power and give them a means to rebuild the island. Our goal is to extend these humanitarian efforts into regions of the world that face climate disasters.


he del Sol Foundation for Energy Security provides aid to individuals and entire communities in need, including those impacted by energy instability, who would benefit from clean, reliable and affordable energy.

  • Installed 12 humanitarian solar + storage micro-grids across the island of Puerto Rico.

  • Partnered with local organizations to define key communities in need of reliable power.

  • Received in-kind donations from Pura Energia and sonnen, Inc. to establish the initial fleet of micro-grids.

  • Provided a way for the people of Puerto Rico to have hope and rebuild after Hurricane Maria.

  • Served over 4,000 people in remote communities around Puerto Rico.

  • Provided power to local schools, health clinics, refugee centers and community centers to help empower residents to rebuild their communities.

  • Provided life-saving power in remote regions that saved 4+ lives with emergency services and reduced countless illnesses from contaminated water.

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