Utuado is a remote and mountainous region in the center of Puerto Rico.  It is at least 1 hour by car from the nearest hospital, and is still without power or running water since Hurricane Maria.

This agrarian community is mostly inhabited by coffee and plantain farmers and has been largely unserved by local governments.  Most aid comes in the form of FEMA water and food distribution multiple times per week. A local community group - OTOAO – reclaimed an unused coffee storehouse that has been taken over as a drug house. 

With the support of ex-Surgeon General Antonia Coello Novello, the del Sol Foundation, Pura Energia, and sonnen, they opened a healthcare clinic, powered by a solar + storage micro-grid. Having reliable power has enabled the clinic to already save four lives and provide medical services to 9,000 low income people from 8 isolated communities that have been forgotten by the government.