Building Resiliency with 500 Microgrids

With an electricity grid that is fragile and unstable, and the threat of another intense hurricane season looming, the means to access reliable power is critical for the safety and future of Puerto Rico.  In response, the del Sol Foundation has launched the largest and most-ambitious energy security project in the history of Puerto Rico – the Lighthouse Project.

The entire project encompasses an island wide network of 3,000 microgrids and by building an initial fleet of 500 life-saving humanitarian microgrids, the Lighthouse Project - Fleet #1 creates an “energy safety net” that provides hope, relief, and resiliency for the people of Puerto Rico.


  • Build on the del Sol Foundation's Success in re-building communities devastated by Hurricane Maria

  • Provide reliable solar + storage microgrid technology to power communities

  • Partner with key local and national leaders and organizations

  • Place the microgrids at churches, empowering local faith centers to provide outreach and community building

  • Rapidly deploy a fleet of 500 microgrids before the height of Hurricane Season 2018

  • Protect Puerto Rico from ongoing power outages