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del Sol Foundation's Solar + Storage Microgrids Create Lasting Impact and Glimpse of a Resilient Future for Puerto Rico

Support from Puerto Rican government and local leaders continues to facilitate life-saving implementation of microgrids, empowering communities to rebuild using solar + storage

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The del Sol Foundation for Energy Security, a non-profit organization founded by members of sonnen, Inc. to oversee the implementation of humanitarian microgrids for relief following Hurricane Maria, today highlighted its success in rebuilding remote communities in Puerto Rico while demonstrating the capabilities of energy independence on a larger scale.


sonnen Demonstrates The Power Of Solar + Storage Microgrids In Puerto Rico

by Kyle Fields

sonnen was one of the early movers to take its resources and solutions on the road to solve the problems caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, committing to bring 15 microgrid systems to the island.

sonnen just announced that it has installed the 11th such system, in the mountainous Lares region of Puerto Rico.


During Puerto Rico’s Blackout, Solar Microgrids Kept The Lights On

by adele peters

April 24, 2018 - As the utility on the island continues to fail, new systems of renewables–installed after the storm–are showing what a more resilient grid could look like.


The Microgrids Worked as Puerto Rico’s Grid Went Down Again

by Andrew burger

April 24, 2018 - Reports from sources on the ground show that new microgrids and nanogrids in Puerto Rico proved their worth last week, providing resilient power in the wake of an island-wide grid outage April 18.


Una comunidad en Lares encuentra esperanza en escuela abandonada

by Alex figueroa cancel 

April 28, 2018 - Vecinos del barrio Bartolo desarrollan proyecto de vivienda y economía colaborativa en plantel cerrado desde el 2015 (en Espanol).


The way Americans get electricity is one natural disaster away from decimation — but a resilient power grid is in our reach

by erin brodwin

April 12, 2018 - The system responsible for lighting our homes, powering our cars, and running our banks and hospitals is crumbling. A new approach is sorely needed, and it’s already beginning to take shape.


As Hurricane Season Approaches, More Microgrids Crop Up in Puerto Rico


April 6, 2018 - Microgrid boosters focus on ways to “empower the consumer” as Puerto Rico’s utility moves into its final restoration push.


Pura Energia, sonnen add microgrid to Puerto Rican healthcare facility

by kelsey misbrener

April 5, 2018 - Running entirely off-grid, the clinic is reliant on the microgrid to power its healthcare technology, lights and refrigeration, providing enough energy to allow the clinic to administer the necessary medical and mental health care that local residents have not been able to access since Hurricane Maria.


Puerto Rico went dark 6 months ago. Could a solar smart grid prevent the next energy disaster?

by nsikan akpan

March 30, 2018 - A smart grid is a type of virtual power plant that relies on a self-thinking network of microgrids. It can autonomously communicate where excess energy is being produce, and then decide how to transmit this juice along power lines.


Case study: sonnen brings electricity back to Puerto Rican mountain school

by kelsey misbrener

April 3, 2018 - As of March 20, more than 120,000 Puerto Ricans still didn’t have electricity as a result of Hurricane Maria, according to Vox. Battery manufacturer sonnen has helped bring dependable electricity in the form of microgrids to some crucial Puerto Rican community centers.


When Will Power Come Back To Puerto Rico? Depends Who You Ask

by Greg allen and Marisa penaloza

November 16, 2017 - Getting the lights back on in Puerto Rico is a far more a intensive task compared with the mainland, which was able to restore power quickly after hurricanes hit Florida and Texas.