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With an electricity grid that is fragile and unstable, and the threat of another intense hurricane season looming, the means to access reliable power is critical for the safety and future of Puerto Rico.  In response, the del Sol Foundation has launched the largest and most-ambitious energy security project in the history of Puerto Rico – the Lighthouse Project.

The entire project encompasses an island wide network of 3,000 microgrids and by building an initial fleet of 500 life-saving humanitarian microgrids, the Lighthouse Project - Fleet #1 creates an “energy safety net” that provides hope, relief, and resiliency for the people of Puerto Rico.

the goals and Impact of the lighthouse project - Fleet #1 

  • Build on the del Sol Foundation's Success in re-building communities devastated by Hurricane Maria

  • Provide reliable solar + storage microgrid technology to power communities

  • Partner with key local and national leaders and organizations

  • Place the microgrids at churches, empowering local faith centers to provide outreach and community building

  • Rapidly deploy a fleet of 500 microgrids before the height of Hurricane Season 2018

  • Protect Puerto Rico from ongoing power outages

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powering relief centers in puerto rico

The Lighthouse Project - Fleet #1, consisting of 500 solar + storage microgrids, will provide life-sustaining access to clean water and power in the face of future devastating storms and grid instability. Each  microgrid powers appliances, including:

  • Refrigerators

  • Air conditioning units

  • LED lighting

  • Routers and cell phone chargers

  • Hot plate cookers

  • Washing machines

  • Clean water filtration systems

  • Mini-pharmacies

Each microgrid is capable of 13 consecutive hours of operation per day, making the Lighthouse Project - Fleet #1 capable of impacting 250,000 people a day.

The entire fleet of 3,000 planned microgrids has the potential to reach 1.5 million people.

partnering to create a sustainable energy future for puerto rico

Churches are embedded into the fabric of Puerto Rican culture, trusted as bastions of community empowerment, faith and leadership, especially in times of crisis. Utilizing the network of Puerto Rican churches, the del Sol Foundation and the Puerto Rico Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives - representing 78 municipalities of faith-based organizations (FBOs) - are partnering to drive the adoption of renewable microgrids as a means of protecting residents of the island from power outages during future storms. 

“The work at hand represents something greater than just day-to-day energy use, but a focus on working in unison to create a lasting infrastructure that supports our people and the future of Puerto Rico. In this crucial time, Puerto Rico urgently needs this project and we are counting on one another to ensure the vision comes to fruition.”
— Leadership of Puerto Rico Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

local support from puerto rico 

The Lighthouse Project has the support and commitment of all 78 Faith Office Directors from the Puerto Rico Faith-Based and Community Initiative as well as 700 signatures from Faith leaders across the island.

The support from key leaders in Puerto Rico ensures the success of the Lighthouse Project in rapidly implementing an island-wide network of 500 community microgrids and quickly scaling up to 3,000 microgrids at local churches.

join us to create a sustainable power future for puerto rico


The Lighthouse Project is the largest and most ambitious Energy Security Project in the history of Puerto Rico.

In order to make this project a reality, we are looking for private donors, big and small, to help fund this groundbreaking vision for energy security. Every contribution makes a difference.

Join us today to empower the people of Puerto Rico to create a sustainable future.